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Rates for 2010/11

2010/11 Weekly Bookings (Friday to Friday)

  October 1st - December (exc. Xmas & New Year weeks) £305*
  Xmas week (commencing Dec 2oth) NO VACANCIES
  New Year week (commencing Dec 27th) NO VACANCIES
  January 2011 - April 22nd £305*
  April 22nd - September 2nd £370
  September 2nd - September 30th £355*
  September 30th - December (exc. Xmas & New Year weeks) £310*
2010/11 Short Breaks (available November - March only)
  1 - 3 nights £185*
  4 nights £205*
  Eash additional night +£40*
  *During these months, heating electricity will be charged extra to the rental price. The cabins are modern and well insulated and it shouldn't cost much more than £25 to maintain them at a comfortable 20°C for a week, even in cold weather. However, we have found that some guests prefer a hotter 30°C and feel that it is fairer to everyone - especially given rising energy costs and concerns about CO2 emmisions - to reduce the rental price and charge heating electricity as extra during the winter. You will only be charged at cost price and will not be charged for warming up the cabin prior to your arrival. The cabins are heated with modern and efficient storage heaters and all of the heating electricity is provided at off-peak rate.
  The rental period for the cabins is 4:00pm on the day of arrival until 10:00am on the day of departure
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A 10% discount is available for bookings of 2 or more weeks (excl. Xmas & New Year)
The minimum booking period is 7 nights

No smoking

Please note before booking that the cabins are non-smoking throughout, and we REALLY mean this.

No smoking

Bookings / Further Information:

Please contact us if you need any further information, or alternatively complete the enquiry form below. You can also use our online facility to check vacancies now.
Corriechoille Lodge 
Spean Bridge 
Inverness- shire 
PH34 4EY


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Tel: +44 (0)1397 - 712002

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I realise that the minumum booking period for the cabins is 3 nights (7 nights in high season - please see above)

I realise that each cabin is suitable for accommodating 2 adults (and no children or pets)

I realise that the cabins are both completely "no smoking"